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№ 1398. The 100th anniversary of birth of Yevgeny Fyodorov (1910-1981).


[дизайнер] – Drobyshev A.

№ 1398

Printing technique: offsetprint
Colour: multicolour
Chalk paper
Perforation: comb 12х12 ½
Size of stamp: 58х26 mm
Size of sheet: 134х115 mm
Stamps are issued in mini sheets with illustrated margins
Circulation: 90 thousand stamps, (50 thousand sheets)

Amount in sheet:  10 (5x2) stamps

Yevgeny Konstantinovich Fyodorov (1910-1981) is the outstanding scientist-geophysicist, state and public figure, academician, Chief Scientific Secretary of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union.
In 1932-1938 he was the research assistant on the polar station. Director of the Arctic Scientific and Research Institute (1938-39). Head of Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR (in 1939-47 and 1962-74). Institutor and Director of the Institute of Applied Geophysics, Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR.
Postage stamp depicts the portrait of E.K. Fyodorov on the background of a scene of researches on the polar station "North Pole-1".

Размер Описание Тираж Цена чистых Цена гашеных
1398 58х26 300000 12.00



Science : Geology

The 100th anniversary of birth of Eugeny Feodorov (1910-1981).
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Souvenir packs in cover:
Souvenir pack "The 100th anniversary of birth of Yevgeny Fyodorov (1910-1981)".
“Polar researches”