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№ 2230. 350 years of Russian State Shipbuilding


[Художник-дизайнер] – Uliyanovskiy I.

№ 2230

350 years of Russian State Shipbuilding


Russian shipbuilding can be traced back to 1667, when Tsar Alexis signed a ukase to build ships. The construction of the country’s first gun frigate began the very same date with the aim to ensure safety of merchant navigation in the Caspian Sea. Afanasy Ordin-Nashchokin, an outstanding Russian diplomat and reform advocate, oversaw the construction. The frigate was named in honor of the state coat of arms.

The first state dockyard was laid down in the village of Dedinovo at the Oka River. The place for the dockyard was chosen for a good reason. This part of Oka was the widest, and the village vicinity was rich in ship timber. The local people were famous for their boats and barges.

The first Russian double-decked, three-mast Oryol-class warship was floated out on May 19, 1669. Her length was 25 m, width — 6.5 m, draft — 1.5 m. She was fully outfitted with armaments in Nizhny Novgorod receiving 22 cannons that shot cast-iron 37–57 mm balls. A Dutch David Butler was appointed the vessel’s captain. Oryol sailed only once; the voyage was interrupted by the Cossack rebellion of Stepan Razin.

The postage stamp features the Oryol frigate against the background of the Russian tricolor flag.

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350 years of Russian State Shipbuilding
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350 years of Russian State Shipbuilding. Moscow
350 years of Russian State Shipbuilding. Lukhovitsy Moscow Region

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